Electronic Vehicle Health Check System (EVHC) - Autoconnect



**All New** EVHC for Independent Workshops

  • Handheld Electronic Health Check application
  • Smartphone, tablet and PC compatible
  • Simple Health Check management, print and storage
  • Web access, no software required
  • Photo capture included
  • SMS and email automated deferred contacts

Carry out a comprehensive multi-point vehicle health check on a handheld device and transmit wirelessly to the EVHC website. Include job prices and outcomes, print clear and visually striking customer copies and store all historical EVHC data. Automated electronic customer contact (text and/or email) for future work, including Service and MOT, or simple telephone log visibility.

Handheld EVHC application


  • Smartphone, tablet and PC compatible
  • Photo capture functionality
  • Quick, simple, one touch inputs


  • Simple Health Check Management
  • Website access, no software required
  • One screen manage, action, print and store Health Check

Additional Options

  • Spreadsheet import routine

(Update available handheld jobs from DMS or workshop diary)

  • Deferred Contact Diary

(Create diary contacts for advised future work, including Service and MOT)

  • Simple pricing

(Add basic job prices to identified and future work)

  • SMS and email deferred contacts

(Pro-active automated contact tool for future work opportunities)